Our Services

We provide our customers with excellence and high quality services for laser cutting, plasma cutting, flame cutting, bending and welding assemblies. We have good relations with our neighboring partners, so we can also diversify products across the board, and we are also actively working with our subsidiary. We manufacture products according to customer's individual needs. We have the latest technology in the industry, which provides our customers with competitive prices, high quality products and reliable delivery.

Laser cutting

We have powerful fiber and CO2 lasers with automatic feed and unload automatics. We can cut steel up to 20 mm and stainless up to 15 mm.
We also cut aluminum, copper and brass.

Maximum plate size 1500 mm * 3000 mm.

Plasma and flame cutting

With our plasma and flame cutting machines we can cut deeper materials. Our plasma machine is also equipped with a swiveling 3D cutter head that allows versatile bevel cutting.

Maximum plate size 2500 mm * 6000 mm.


We use a wide range of bending presses to handle small, big and slightly difficult jobs.
The compression forces of the machines are between 50 and 320 tons and the maximum width of the bending is 4000 mm.



We provide our customers with skilled welding services, with MIG or TIG welding options.


Other services

Other services include various small and big assemblies, as well as rolling. We provide machining and surface treatment services from our partners.


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